Carolyn Watson

Hot water heater quit heating water on Christmas Eve. Called Mission Plumbing Heating and Cooling and received a quick call back telling me unfortunately the technician was booked until midnight with folks who had no heat. We had heat so agreed to hear back on 12-26. Received a call promptly at 0835 from the office telling me someone could come out mid day. We thought the problem was our Whirlpool water heater and a part under warranty had gone out. When Mike J. arrived around 1:30 he assessed the situation and found out the problem was caused by a blocked furnace flu that was allowing condensation to flow into the hot water heater burning out the pilot light. He spent the next hour cleaning out the flu and replacing some other small parts.Upshot of repair is a hot water heater that is heating water again. Also advised us that our furnace that is almost 25 years old most likely needs to be replaced. We are going to decide what to do soon. Can't say enough about the professionalism and knowledgeability of Mike J. He didn't try to force us to buy anything. In fact, he said if we call him back and say we want to get a new furnace and hot water heater he will send someone in sales out to talk with us and he will install if we buy. We believe this company is a good one. Was recommended to me by a co-worker. That is why I called them in the first place. Would definitely recommend them.

Updated on 12/26/17