Google Buys Nest Thermostats

Big news coming out this week with the big buy up from Google of Nest Thermostats.

Just a couple years ago, WiredPrairie was launched by Apple alums Tony Fadell and Matt Rodgers (the guys that helped give the world the ipod) to build a hip thermostat. I remember learning about this simple looking thermostat with all of the latest smart technology, and thinking how great it is. Then I started doing a little research, and learned a few things that are very important to note about this piece of HVAC equipment:

  1. The Nest technology isn't campatible with many popular HVAC systems.
  2. We already have smart HVAC systems that do everything that this groovy hip thermostat does.

Recognizing World Toilet Day

Here at Mission Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we want to recognize that it is World Toliet day, and at first I wanted to make a quick little post about the worlds most expensive toliet. However, this day isn't about the $19 Million dollar toilet that lives up at the International space center, but this day is about the fact that millions of people around the world don't have proper santized toilets to be able to go to the bathroom on. Yes, my geekyness would love to talk about the space throne, but this is about another matter far more important that something only I would end up reading.

Lack of sanitized conditions is what helps spread disease, and also hurts in many other ways. When a school around the world does have a proper bathroom with toilets 11 percent more girls will attend that school, and this helps in woman having more education which leads to less teenage pregnacy and less that end up in the sex trade and drugs. When woman have a private bathroom just for them in a public place then there is less of a chance for assault on a woman in that place.

Here at Mission Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we can help you with any of your toilet needs. We can help replace that old toilet with a new toilet, and we can also help fix that old toilet to make it work like new.

We recognize that we are so lucky to even have toilets to even worry about, because people in other places of the world are not as fortunate as us. We here at Mission hope that the start of World Toilet day will bring awareness to this problem the world faces together.

10 Mistakes That Lead To Calling The Plumber

You like having the plumber over to your house? Well okay lets face it you don't, but when you do have to call a plumber we are the ones that can help you right away. However, here is a list of mistakes to avoid that will lead to needing a plumbing service.

  1. Treating your garbage disposal like a trash can.
  2. Forgetting how things go back
  3. Turning On the Water Heater too early
  4. Stripping Pipe Threads
  5. Cranking on the faucet handle to hard
  6. Dumping construction materials down the drain
  7. Flushing the wrong items down the toilet
  8. Joining different plumbing metals without proper connector
  9. Putting too much weight on shower faucets
  10. Forgetting to remove the disposal plug

When Do You Change Your Air Filters?

This is something that is so important to the life of your HVAC unit, but often forgotten about. It's very easy to forget about this very important piece of HVAC equipment too. Let’s face it our lives are very busy, and the last thing you will do when you wake up tomorrow morning is think “Hey it’s time for me to change that air filter thing on my furnace.” However, the life of your HVAC system is very dependent on the condition of your HVAC air filters. Having an old dirty air filter can freeze of air conditioner in the summer, and can effect most of the major parts on your furnace during our Kansas City winters.