Google Buys Nest Thermostats

Big news coming out this week with the big buy up from Google of Nest Thermostats.

Just a couple years ago, WiredPrairie was launched by Apple alums Tony Fadell and Matt Rodgers (the guys that helped give the world the ipod) to build a hip thermostat. I remember learning about this simple looking thermostat with all of the latest smart technology, and thinking how great it is. Then I started doing a little research, and learned a few things that are very important to note about this piece of HVAC equipment:

  1. The Nest technology isn't campatible with many popular HVAC systems.
  2. We already have smart HVAC systems that do everything that this groovy hip thermostat does.

Of course, I love the way the Nest thermostats look with the old fashioned round look, and large digital numbers that make it great for older homeowners. Also, the way the thermostat works is great for your overall life of your system with the way it can control the percentage of system use at any given time, and that also makes it great on your utilities and the overall environment. We have systems that already do this type of work already. Our Trane TruComfort system already does this for you. To me however, the buy out from Google makes complete sense, because now Google is on your internet, TV, smartphone, and now inside your home (coming soon to your car). Google will be able to know everything about it's users such as when they are home or how much time they spend inside the home, and this helps Google be able to serve up an Ad to you at anytime.

It will be very interesting to say the least to see how far Google moves this type of tech into our lives. Currently, the thermostat product is an beta product, but I do believe the product has a lot of potential.