10 Mistakes That Lead To Calling The Plumber

You like having the plumber over to your house? Well okay lets face it you don't, but when you do have to call a plumber we are the ones that can help you right away. However, here is a list of mistakes to avoid that will lead to needing a plumbing service.

  1. Treating your garbage disposal like a trash can.
  2. Forgetting how things go back
  3. Turning On the Water Heater too early
  4. Stripping Pipe Threads
  5. Cranking on the faucet handle to hard
  6. Dumping construction materials down the drain
  7. Flushing the wrong items down the toilet
  8. Joining different plumbing metals without proper connector
  9. Putting too much weight on shower faucets
  10. Forgetting to remove the disposal plug