HVAC Scam Alert


Recently, a customer called us up, and wanted us to come out to check out their furnace. The customer said he was really worried, because another company came out (we won't name names) and this company told him that he was in deep danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. The company said he had a cracked heat exchanger, and the best thing he should do is buy a brand new furnace. We came out to this customers home, and we took a look at his furnace. We found that what the other company said was a crack was just a bend in the sheet metal. This bend is a very normal bend in the metal too. (see the images below for yourself)

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time we have heard of this trick, and it's a bummer that some companies out there feel like fear is the best technique to sell units. We calmed his nerves, and we tuned up his furnace for the Winter. Please watch out for this type of poor business tactic.